Hope’s Anchor.

A couple of months ago we had a difficult transition to make. It was one of complete faith and a step of obedience. And since making the transition God has been blowing us away with His love, provision and conformation.

10 years ago I (Vashti) started to minister to the sex workers in the city. It was a passion and calling that I knew had been placed in my life and I started walking in that calling, alone. For 9 years. It was a long lonely journey and in 2014 I spent some time with a life coach friend of mine. I shared my dream for the ministry with her and she helped me to unpack it and lay it out. She helped me to lay out the dream and start asking God how to move forward.

He gave me a name for the work that I was doing, that name was “Hope’s Anchor”. Based on Hebrews 6. Without hope we are lost. Directionless. Hope anchors us. And He is our hope.

I knew that this was what He was saying to me. But then last year we hooked up with One Future Foundation, and we thought that this was it. I put my dream and vision on the shelf and decided to team with OFF and do the ministry under their covering.

This decision bought a lot of positives. I was able to step out and really focus on the ministry as I had two friends who were committed to working with me.

As time went on and as I used Facebook as a publicity platform for the work, we gained more team members. Soon a strong, committed team of women grew around me and God really started to move.

A couple of months ago we felt that He wanted to do something big with the work that we were doing. There was a tugging on the hearts of our team and we all believed that it was time to start our own NGO and make Hope’s Anchor official.
So we took the step of faith, out from under OFF and started Hope’s Anchor.

Since we took the plunge we have seen INSANE favor! Incredible connections with people who not only have a heart for our city, but really really love the broken. Generous donations have been given and so many meetings with so many potential sponsors and supporters.

We have seen girls have the opportunity to walk away from the sex trade, get the help that they so desperately need and are now restarting their lives. We are meeting incredible women weekly who are in need of His love and we are honored to be able to be a conduit for that.

We know who has called us and to whom we have been called, and what a great honor that is.

So please will you continue to lift us up? Please lift up our incredible team. Please pray for the precious women to whom we have been called.

Unconditional Love. Extravagant Grace. Hope for the Soul.

If you would like to help support our family as we support these vulnerable women please go to http://www.justgiving.com/kingsroadchurch where you can give a one off gift or make monthly payments. We are so grateful to all our supporters, any amount is a blessing to us to help meet our monthly bills, however small you may think it is, its huge to us 🙂 Thank you x



So often our hearts are shattered by the pain that our girls suffer. 

Today I’m spending time fixing my heart after devastating news that we received last night. 
Our dear Sne passed away on the 23rd of August. Alone. Scared. In pain. 
I’ve known Sne for a long long time and I have watched her body, mind and spirit break down over those years. 

The fear of the journey that this virus was going to take her on was too much for her to bare, so she lived in denial. Refusing help. Refusing hospitalization until the very end. 

Sleeping on the streets at the end due to lack of money for the shelter rent. Dying a little more each day. 

And now her body lies in the morgue with no one to claim her, no one to bury her with dignity. Destined for a pauper’s grave. 

I feel sick. I feel helpless. Its too late for Sne. 
But its not too late for others. 

Its not too late for Precious, Yvonne, Pinky or Yolande. 

We WILL fight for these girls and for their futures. 
What if we had had a building then? What if we could have provided food and shelter for Sne? What if she could have received counseling and medical assistance? What if……? 
I can’t let my heart go there. I just can’t. 

This is why we so desperately need a building for Hope’s Anchor. A place of safety and restoration. A place of sanctuary and freedom. For the future Sne’s. 
I refuse to let another girl fall through the gaps of society. 

Not on my watch. 

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As I climb into bed tonight I am broken. I feel like I am forever changed by what we experienced on the streets this evening. 

So many girls waiting for us. Waiting for the love that they knew that we were bringing. 

So many girls new to the business, two their first night selling their bodies to survive. 

One to pay for her school fees, one saving for her hormone therapy as she transitions her body from male to female. 
Both desperate and alone. 

One trying to take financial pressure off of her parents, one rejected by her parents. Our regular girls so concerned about the new girls welfare, promising to watch out for them. To show them the ropes. 

All of them desperate for love. 
I am broken. The whole team tonight battling with the pain that our precious girls are dealing with. 
All of us wanting to scoop them up and care for them in the way that they so desperately need and want. 

As I lie here I lift them all by name before the throne. He loves them, just as they are. 
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Gale force winds, pounding rain, girls huddled in doorways or against air vents on the side of hotel buildings, trying to stay warm and dry.

Men trying to negotiate a lower price, testing the waters to see just how desperate she is.

The privileged sitting inside the warm and elegant hotel bars looking out onto the street, oblivious to the raw and palpable pain of the women just outside the window pane.

The conversation with our precious “F” as she tries to navigate a painful decision regarding her baby’s future. Her pain excruciating and unimaginable. Knowing that the best decision at this point requires the biggest sacrifice of her life.

Wrapping my arms around Noma, soaked to the skin and shivering uncontrollable.

Finding Tatum, new to the “game”, three days in and hating every moment of her new “job”. But not seeing any other option, when there is a 6 year old son and an elderly mother at home.
This was our Thursday night.

If you would like to help support our family as we support these precious girls please do so at


Thank you
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just a little blurb….

Hiya! Just a quick family update…

Not too much going in right now. Things are very quiet.

Joe has gone on his first ever sleep away school camp! He was a little apprehensive as he’s a bit of a homebody and doesn’t like to be away from home or us, but news from camp is he’s doing just fine and they are all having a blast together.

(Joe is on the right, second child back, behind the boy in the red.)

Jesse is a little miffed that his class didn’t get to go, and Hudson has no clue what’s going on. So I’ve treated them to some chocolate and put them in front of the TV watching a mid week movie 😁

Tomorrow I will be taking my City Sisters team down to Durban waterfront to spend time with the sex workers. We have been so blessed with beautiful donations for our ladies. Clothing, shoes, toiletries and underwear have been given by so many generous donors and tomorrow we have the honor of being able to bless our precious ladies with some lovely gifts. They will be so excited.

Every week we meet new ladies who are “working” the waterfront area and each week we have the opportunity to deepen our relationships with them. Its an amazing honor for each of us.
Church is going well. We are spending our Sunday mornings building a strong foundation with the other families that make up the church right now.

This past weekend away we were blessed with a great women’s retreat in a stunning beach house up the coast. God really spoke to each of us. So gentle and so clearly. It was a much needed and appreciated break from our busy lives. We returned to our husbands and children feeling very refreshed.

As always we appreciate your love, support and prayers so much. Thank you for believing in our family and the calling on our lives.

On a practical note, our rent and car payments are due next week. Each week since we have moved here God has provided the finances, albeit often at the last minute 🙂 so far this month we are £450 short. If you would like to help support us please go to


Or PayPal at


Thank you, we love and appreciate you all.

Love from Mart, Vash, Joe, Jess and Hudson.


Some times I really don’t have much to say, and other times I have a lot but I’m either not convinced that anyone would want to read it, or I don’t know how to put into words the stuff in my head without offending someone.
So here is a post that could go either way…. Deep breath….

I have been engaged with the sex workers and homeless for 10 years now. For those who did not know me before we teamed up with One Future Foundation they might be mistaken to believe that that was when it all started for us. But truth is we have been invested for 10 years.

I get asked by the new to the calling “why do you get so emotional?”, “why do you get angry?”, “why do you cry?”, “why don’t you communicate better?”.

My answer is the same each time… “Because I CARE.”

We are invested. Not just a few months, not just once a week. Not just a Thursday evening, or a Wednesday morning. EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are invested.

After being in full time ministry for 21 years there are a few things that I know to be true.

When a calling is placed on your life and you decide to walk in obedience, all hell breaks loose. Your marriage will be attacked. You will argue with the one person who you love the most in all the world. You will disagree on the smallest of things. You will not be able to hear their heart. Satan HATES your marriage. And he also hates it when you walk in obedience to the Father’s calling.

Sadly many see this as a sign that they are not walking in Gods will and they step back, and magically the “problems” vanish… NO FOLKS!! The problems didn’t vanish, you’re no longer such a threat to the enemy and so he eases up on you! Wake up and see the difference. Mart and I have had INSANE battles in our marriage. We had to literally fight for it. But not once did we walk away from God’s calling and use it as an excuse to step back. In fact it had the opposite effect, we pushed into ministry harder, followed the calling with more earnest.

When you KNOW that you have been called and have made the commitment to answer you learn to hold on through all hell. I’ve had people say that they have to put their marriage first. WRONG. You have to put Him first.

Another area that comes under attack is our family as a unit. Satan HATES your kids. He hates their innocence and their joy. He hates their resilience. And so he will attack them. He knows that if he can get to your kids then he can get to you. I’ve seen so many people walk away or step back from their calling because they see their kids battling. Our kids battle because there is a battle going in continuously for your obedience. Satan knows that our kids are our soft spot. If he can cause disturbances with them, he knows that we will do what ever it takes to stop that, including walking away from God’s call to put them first.

Does that mean that we don’t care for our kids, or that their battles are not a big deal? Heck no! It means the opposite. You see, we are at our spiritual strongest when we are FULLY in our calling. Obedience takes sacrifice. Think about Abraham, he was willing to put his kid on the alter! That level of sacrifice and obedience is rarely seen any more. Thank God we aren’t called to those extreme measures 😁😀 But we are called to lay everything down and follow Him.

Seek first the kingdom of God, and ALL these things shall be added…

By following the call we are seeking to bring in/ usher in the Kingdom. All these things, our marriages, our children, our finances, our homes, will be added. Will be taken care of. He says it, He means it.

I have a crazy amount of friends who are in various forms of ministry, I have friends who either have, or are contemplating taking a step back, please take a second to look at your calling. Please revisit those words of knowledge, those profound scriptures, that still small voice or the booming, earth shaking call. Take a breath. And ask yourself, and ask Him, am I willing to make the investment needed? Am I willing/able to trust Your calling on my life? Am I ready to hand you my marriage, my kids, and follow You with arms outstretched? Can I be unquitable? Even when all hell is breaking loose?

I am praying that the answer is a resounding “YES!”

If you would like to help support our family and the work we do here in Durban with the homeless and sex workers, please visit



Last night I hit the streets with my City Sisters team. As we started to find our girls I have a deep sinking feeling deep within. I can not put my finger on it. As we drive down the street I see our sweet Yolande with a man who is old enough to be her grandfather, everything within me flares up and I want to fight. But I can’t. I could put her in danger her. An hour later I see our sweet Yolande with two massive men, twice her size and very scary, one of them is holding onto her in an intimate embrace. Everything within me flares up and I want to fight. But I can’t.

As we spend time with our ladies my sinking feeling grows, I can not pin point it. Is it because of Yolande? But I was already feeling it before I saw her.

What was it?
Then I talk with Zama, and the penny drops. Two of our girls are missing. Fatima and Chloe have been missing for four days. A phone call from Fatima was made to one of the girls saying that she had been drugged by a client and didn’t know where she was. There was no news of Chloe. There is no way to contact them, no way to know where they are. No one really cares because they are “just whores” .

Our girls are risking their lives daily to survive. We now have over 50 girls a week that we are caring for on a Thursday night. 50 girls who have no one to love them or care for them. 50 hearts that are profoundly broken. 50 bodies that are fighting addiction. 50 girls who are loved and seen by our Father. 50 girls who Matter.

Please pray for the safety and protection of Fatima and Chloe. Please pray for their safe return. And please pray for our team as we navigate each story as they unfold. Please pray for provision to keep our work going. Please pray for strength and wisdom.

If you would like to help support our family as we care for the homeless and sex workers of Durban, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/kingsroadchurch

Thank you x