It’s a Hard Knock life…..

537015_10151728594931932_1382575522_nI spend alot of time with the children and young people in the Shelter. It saddens me that this is the only childhood that they will ever know. They spend their days surrounded by drugs and alcohol, prostitution and gangs. 
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I dream of a place where they are safe and surrounded by love and joy. A place where they can play and learn. A place where they can heal and experience the power and love of God. 1459331_10151716591531932_1779365105_n


As the years go by I see such a hardening in the lives of these children. As their innocence is replaced with anger and a need for survival. Leah (above) was 13 when she started working the streets, now at the age of 17 she is so hard and angry, bitter and violent. My heart aches for her and the girls like her. My heart aches for the younger girls who will follow in her footsteps unless something/someone intervenes.


How long will it be until these little faces are no longer smiling? How long until survival mode kicks in? How long until their innocence is ripped from them?

Starting Hope’s Anchor will create a place for these beautiful children and their mothers. A place where they can maintain their childhood and innocence and walk into the destiny that God has for them.  

If you believe that you could help in anyway please contact us at





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My heart gets broken on a frequent basis. I have learnt to give the brokenness to our Father God. I don’t know how I would be able to do the work I do without His love and grace. 

One thing that really breaks my heart is knowing that so many of my girls do not understand or know the love of Father God. I can not imagine living a life like theirs without the knowledge and peace that comes with knowing the Holy Spirit, without the assurance of His grace. 

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with two of my girls, Spha and Sthe are cousins, run-aways, sex workers, 16 and 17 years old. Sthe went to the hospital that day and found out that she is HIV+ and her CD4 count is super low. Her hospital report says multiple STDs and a UTI. Her hospital report was written in English and she couldn’t read it. The hospital hadn’t told her all the details or the extent of her situation. As I explained it to her the tears started to flow. The hopelessness was tangible. No one should have to deal with this kind of situation, especially a 16 year old child. She has no mum to take her to the doctors, no mum to hold her and tell her its going to be OK, no mum to explain the details of her medication and recovery. My heart aches for her. 

It is because of girls like this that I want to start my center. Hopes Anchor will be a place of safety and hope. A place of rest and recovery, a place of HOPE.  

Please join me in prayer for the provision for this dream. Together we can change the futures of girls like this. 

Another feeding scheme?

SO many people wonder why I feel that we need to start a feeding scheme, especially seeing as there are so many people doing this kind of thing throughout the city and the country. My answer is simple…. image (9)


My Shelter people have various groups come in and “feed” them through out the week. Only one of the groups brings food that I myself would bring myself to eat. This picture above is of some of the food that a church group brings on a weekly basis. When my people opened the bin bag that the food was given to them in we were met with the most rancid smell and festering out of date food. This breaks my heart. My people already feel worthless, to then be given someone else cast off rotten food…… seriously people. It makes me angry. What does this say to these broken and rejected people when we the “church” throw our waste at them and expect them to be thankful?

My people are starving. Not just in a physical way but in an emotional and spiritual way also. They need to be fed. They need to be loved on and honored. They need to know that they are worthy and important. One of the main parts of our feeding scheme will be relationship building and counselling. Listening to them and validating their existence and their desire to be loved. To bring the community of love and grace to them.  

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There is something significant in sharing food with someone. Jesus did it with His followers, His friends, His family, the ones that society had cast off, prostitutes, tax collectors, the sick, the poor. Eating with someone brings us to the same level. It relaxes us and encourages us to open up.

This is why I want to do a feeding scheme, not just another feeding scheme but a weekly meal with my homeless friends. A meal with the girls who no one loves. A meal with the children who scavenge in the trash for a scrap to keep their tummies from aching. 

Wont you make this dream a reality? If you can help please email me at

Together we can change the lives of the forgotten. 



Beginning of the big dream.

I have a very BIG dream. It is along the lines of The Dream Center in L.A. Id love to see the same kind of center up and running here in Durban. Caring for, loving and empowering those who have fallen through the cracks. From drug addicted sex workers to teen run-aways, I dream of a place where they can come and be cared for. A place where they are safe. A place where they are not judged or ridiculed.

A place where they are fed both physically and spiritually. A place where they encounter a Father who loves and delights in them as His sons and daughters. A place where they can walk into their destiny.

This dream has always seemed too big and over whelming for me to initiate. I have kept plodding on doing what I’m doing and feeling like my dream is just too big. That is until just recently.  My friend Carryn is training to be a life coach, shes awesome and asked me if Id like a free coaching session! So of course I said YES! We have had 2 sessions so far and she has decided that she is going to continue to coach me until my dream is fulfilled!!! This is huge for me. She has fully caught the vision and 100% believes that it is of God and that I have it with in me to walk into and fulfill this dream. I feel so empowered having her in my corner.

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She kicks my butt, encourages me and gives me homework! ( I HATE HOMEWORK 🙂 ) She loves me and I know that God has placed her in my life for such a time as this. She is my Mordecai, she believes in what He has called me to and she is encouraging me to walk into it.

During our first session she helped me to visualize the future of my dream. The first picture I saw was my Shelter people being fed. Both physically and spiritually. I felt that God was telling me that this is the first step in the realization of the big dream.  I do not have a building yet so the first step is to get a vehicle that can be converted into a food truck that can be taken to the streets of Durban to feed the homeless and sex workers.

At first I was thinking of getting a trailer but I do not have a vehicle to tow it so the best idea is to get an RV and convert it to a mobile kitchen. The idea is to take teams out to the streets to feed people and to build relationships and minister to them.

$_20 (1) $_20 (2)


I found this beauty on Gumtree, she is perfect! A great runner and well priced R42,000,  ( the cheapest option i could find) With this vehicle the feeding scheme could start in the next few weeks!! As time goes on and finances come in I could renovate her and install a good mobile kitchen.

I already have a team of people on stand by to come and help with the feeding scheme. We are all very excited to see how God is going to pull this one off!

So we are looking for  funding for this vehicle. We do not have an income for Shelter Me and we are running purely on donations and my small personal income. If you feel that you could donate to this worthy cause in any way please email me at

Together we can make this dream a reality!