Making a difference.



Some days in the Shelter its super quiet and relaxed. Last night was one of those times. My friend Bronwyn came with me and we just spent some time with Ronelle, sorting through some donations to give to the Mums. We then went upstairs to hand out the donations and talk with the ladies. Only to find out that there was hardly anyone there. It was quiet and peaceful, it was NICE!!! 

Not often can I describe the Shelter as nice, but due to the lack of residents there was very little drug use going on, very little noise and it was actually quite nice being there! 

The first person that we came across was this little guy. He was all alone and I couldn’t find his mum anywhere. He looked pretty sad so Bronwyn picked him up and snuggled him while we walked around talking to people. As I tried to find out where his mother was the story unfolds that she had left two days ago to go to her grandmothers home to retrieve this guys baby sister who was staying there. She had left him with the other girls and just told them to look after him. When we got there all the other girls had gone out to work so he was alone. I took him to one of the grannies and told her to keep him with her until his mother comes back. Hopefully she is back today! I have told the granny to not let him out of her sight. 

This is the reality of shelter life. Many of the children get left for hours while their mothers go to work. They just hope that someone else will feed and care for the child in their absence. 

Its a sad situation. All these little guys left to fend for themselves.

Part of the vision for Hope’s Anchor is to have a daycare center for the babies and toddlers. If the mothers can leave their babies somewhere safe during the daytime they are more likely to embrace the idea of a “real” job. To have a free daycare center where the children are cared for and fed and even educated would make a HUGE difference in the lives of the girls and their little ones.

This part of Hope’s Anchor is really exciting to me. I love the Shelter babies and toddlers. I know that God has a future and a hope for each of them. Education is a large part of that future. Education and correct care changes lives. 

Please be praying for the development of Hope’s Anchor, and for the lives of these little ones.