The Downs family moves again……

So many of you have asked to see pictures of the property that we are going to move to and hopefully raise enough money to buy, So here you go…

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What we didn’t realize on our first visit to the farm was there is food growing everywhere! Nuts, veggies, grapes, mangoes, bananas, it has them all. And that isn’t even in the veggie tunnels. The potential is mind blowing. We visualize cabbages and maize to use to feed the orphans. We see chickens to help a Gogo become self sufficient in caring for her orphaned grand children. We see the expansion of our family through adoption. Teams of volunteers coming and working into the community, helping the community care for orphans.

We see a place of sanctuary and rest for couples and individuals to come and recuperate and spend time together and with the Lord.

We see it all, the potential is immense. We have been told by the owners that we can move in as soon as a ceiling has been put on the cottage roof. So now we are looking for ceiling supplies and finances to pay for that. We are so excited about this new adventure. We will be moving to the farm free of charge. No rent to pay and no bills. We will be saving money in so many areas, this is a good feeling as it will enable us to continue with our adoptions. So very exciting. We are just ready to have our family complete.

For those who have shared with us how you would like to financially support this venture here is our Just Giving link to our fundraising page. Kings Road Church is the UK charity that receives the support for our charity. They then forward it to us.


Please continue to pray for this adventure and for the provision for the dream.

Love and appreciate you all.

Downs Family. xxx

2015 year of Restoration.

aviary_1420099856069I’m not going to lie…… 2014 was really really hard. In fact at some points it was down right impossible. It broke me over and over again. I wanted to quit everything almost on a weekly basis. It felt like we were attacked on every front and we barely survived.

Thank Father that He is the God of the impossible.

We made it to Christmas in one piece and 3 days before Christmas I got on my knees and gave Him an ultimatum. I have literally had enough. Enough of scraping by each week, not making all our bills, not being able to afford to send our kids to school, not being able to be effective in ministry, not being able to go through with the adoption of the children that He has told us belong in our family.

The lack of finances was killing us. I was emotionally finished and just wanted to pack everything and everyone up and move back to the UK. But there was a little whispering nagging voice in the back of my heart and mind that was telling me to keep pushing. To not give up on the calling that He has placed on our lives. So we got on our  knees and said to God “either YOU do something huge or we quit and take our family to the UK where we are surrounded by family, free education and health care. YOU have to do this cause we have done everything that we can do.We tired and we need to know that YOU are in control and YOU will carry us.”

Christmas came and went, so did New Year and nothing. We started to try and figure out how we were going to move back, where would we live, where would we work? I started to talk to family about the possibility. I still had the nagging voice telling me to stay but I just couldn’t see how it would work. Our income does not cover our out goings. God YOU have to do something.

Last week we decided to go and visit our dear friends Andrew and Rae. They run Hope Farm and we have known them for 10 years. We always joke that we want to be just like them when we grow up!! IMG_20150109_182700

We spent all day Friday with them. Sharing our hearts and our dreams, I love having friends who REALLY get us! They know how we think and how we operate. They understand the calling on our family because their calling is pretty much the same! As we are talking Andrew decides to call his neighbour and ask if we can go and visit their property. He tells us how the neighbouring farm is for sale and would be perfect for our family and for our ministry.  We would be able to start Project O back up and get back to feeding and supporting orphans. Having this property would enable us to join with them in ministry and life in general and double the effectiveness of both of our ministries. We would also be able to become self sufficient.

Our heart has always been to become self sufficient as a family so that the money that we save could be put into ministry. This property has its own natural water supply, fresh clean spring water. Also it has solar panels for the electricity. It has 25 acres of land, vegetable tunnels and established veggie patches. It has chicken runs with chickens. It has cottages and outbuildings that can be used to start up our volunteer program again. We get emails almost weekly from people who want to come and volunteer with us, sadly we have to turn them down due to not having space for them. This farm would enable us to start taking volunteers again.


On Friday He reminded us of why we were bought us here in to South Africa. To care for the orphans and the vulnerable. To grow our family. He has placed this opportunity right in front of us. And we have decided to grasp it. Only one thing standing in our way….. the entire farm, all 25 acres of it is on sale for around 60,000 British pounds 100,000 US Dollars.

Due to visa issues and the fact that Hudson’s adoption is not complete we can not return to the UK to do fund raising.

So here we are asking, pleading that you our friends and family would consider doing fundraisers on our behalf? 60,000 is not a huge amount especially considering the size of the property and the fact that it will be used to minister to and support hundreds of orphans and homeless women and children. It will also enable us to adopt our waiting children.

Please pray for us and with us and if you are able ask God how you can help to make this dream a reality. How you as an individual, family , church or business can invest into the Kingdom. Maybe you have friends that you can share this with who are looking for a charity to invest in? We love you all dearly and thank God for you and your love and support.

Genesis 12:1

Much love from the Downs Family!  xx