Be the difference.

Over the past week the world has been hit hard by the refugee crisis. The news reports and papers full of gut wrenching pictures of fathers devastated, bombed cities, lifeboats packed and dead babies washed up on the beach. I wonder how the 1st world had to let it get this far before they woke and realized that something had to be done? Why did a baby boy have to wash up on the beach before people realized the magnitude of the refugee crisis? I literally ache.

Our refugees have been living with us now for almost 3 months. So much has happened in those few weeks its crazy! Countless hospital visits and home affairs visits. Lawyers fighting for the rights of our refugees every day.



Home schooling 64 kids plus our own kids.

Counselling and praying for the broken. Its been quite the ride!!!

Talking about “rides” ours has died! The gear box has gone on it and has to go to get fixed, it will take three days. Thankfully we do not have to pay for it to be fixed. However this car is costing us R3000 a month in payments. This R3000 we no longer have as I am no longer making a wage at the church. Last week was my last week as a children’s pastor, my Hillside church kids prayed for me, honoured me and released me. It was an amazing morning and I was beyond blessed by the kids and the leaders. The children had made a prophetic art gallery for me and it was all displayed around the room. What a blessing.

IMG_20150830_175514 IMG_20150830_175228

We have come to the realization the we need a car for our family that we do not need to make monthly payments on. We are losing money every month and its crippling us as a family. We have worked out that for £1500 we can get a decent second hand family car that we will own outright and will ultimately save 1000’s of Rand a month. As a family this is our greatest need right now. We literally can do nothing without a vehicle. Can you help?


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take two of the teen girls to get their eyes tested and get them new glasses! It was so much fun. Hannah and Jolie were both in need of new glasses, they were both getting sever headaches and the glasses that they had were old and not the right lenses for their eyes.



It was so great getting some one on one time with the girls. I took them to Specsavers who checked their eyes for free and then we went for milkshakes. A few days later we went to pick up their glasses which we only had to pay for the lenses!!! The lenses were sponsored by friends in the UK. What a great blessing for the girls, who for the first time in years have 100% vision!


I LOVE being able to help others. It is such an honour and a blessing. To see Jolie giggling when the optician put the perfect lenses in front of her eyes and she could see 100% clearly was the best thing ever!

Every day Father is showing us that His calling on our life is absolute and perfect for us. For years He has been building us, preparing us and qualifying us for such a time as this.

We do not know what the outcome of this present journey will be but in the mean time we keep going forward, loving with out agenda, caring without ceasing, and trusting our Father for the provision.

Please continue to lift our family and Andrew and Rae’s family up in your prayers ad we live by faith loving refugees.

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