what’s up?



It’s been 5 months since my last post. Terrible I know! But I do have a good reason. On January the 8th we had a very terrible and violent home invasion by a gang of armed men. I’m not really at the emotional place to tell the full story but basically they took everything that was worth anything, including our peace and our ability to stay on the farm any longer.

We have not had a laptop until now and it has been hard for me to really sit down and put the past 5 months into words. But now here I am! So What’s up?

We are now staying on a friends property, renting their little cottage. Its been an adjustment going from a lovely big house into a tiny cottage and even after 5 months we still haven’t been able to fully unpack our belongings as we have no where to put them 🙂

The property where we now are living has a view over the dam and the community where we used to work with the orphans. It is a beautiful place.


We are all still healing from the attack and Joe and I are the ones who are battling the most, so your prayers are much appreciated.

I am continuing to minister to the street girls and sex workers down in Durban, which has its good days and its bad, as you can imagine! One of the best stories so far this year is that one of my street girls Ronelle has managed to get a great job caring for an elderly man and has saved enough money to get out of the shelter and into a rented room away from the temptation of the streets. I’m so so proud of her and the effort that she has made to make a good life for her and her children.


There are various prayer requests that we have…..

1. Emotional healing for us since the attack. And peace, lots of peace.

2. Financial support. As a family we are living 100% by faith. Since the attack and having to move away from the farm our family support has dropped quite a bit. So please pray for support for our family to increase.

3. We are applying for full South African residency so please pray for favor with all the paperwork, which is extensive! And also pray for it to happen speedily.

4. Please pray for ministry direction for us as a family. We are feeling that there is something that God is urging us towards but we would really like some confirmation before we just go ahead and jump in.

I think that’s it for now. I promise that I will try and keep up with my posts and keep you all up to date with everything that’s going on over here.

Much love and appreciation from the Downs family. xxx