“Stacey” is one of our girls that we spend time with on Wednesdays. She has been in the “business” for 6 years and wants out. But she is stuck.
Sex work is not a choice. Today she said to me “I have no choices in life, none”
She told us how a man had booked her over night for R1500, he picked her up and went to get the money out. He came back to the car and told her that the ATM wasn’t working so they would have to go in the morning to get the money. She tells us how her instincts told her to walk away but she ignored them because she is desperate for the money. He took her to the motel where he raped her and beat her. She ran out of the place naked, screaming and asking for help. There was a police car near by, she ran to them screaming for help, naked and afraid. The police laughed at her and told her that she just needs to suck it up and go back and get her clothes, that it was her own fault, and that a sex worker can not be raped because she asked for it.
“This is my life” she tells us. “I have no choices”. #onefuturefoundation exists for women like Stacey and all the others who we care for.


One thought on “Stacey.

  1. What a beautiful girl and what a sad, sad life. I pray that God will move in her life and that He will encourage us to pray for her regularly and faithfully. Blessings and glory be His in all things.

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