Tonight I got angry. It burned deep within me. Like a smoldering ember that is caught by a wind and engulfs a field of dry grass. 

It hit me hard. I wanted to scream, and hit and throw things. 

I wanted to scoop up the barely teenage sex worker and bundle her up in warm dry blankets. I wanted to feed her, she was so tiny and so hungry. I wanted to hold onto her and assure her that life was going to be better. 

And I couldn’t. 
And so I was angry. And that anger fuels the fire within me. That fire that will love unconditionally. That fire that will sacrifice and lay down the things that need to be. 
That fire that refuses to stay silent. 

That fire that comes directly from the Throne Room of Heaven. 

One day sweet girl your life will be better. Because we won’t quit until it is. 

#onefuturefoundation #durban #durbanwaterfront #rain #livingbyfaith #livinginafrica #missionarylife #wearedurban #iheartdurban


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