Durban Visit

My parents have just returned to the UK after two weeks with us, this is a guest post written by my Mum


I wish I could have taken more photos of the people we met on our trip, of the inside of the shelters where most of them live. It just wasn’t safe/appropriate. This is Lizelle, this visit she was pretty sober, the first time I met her she wasn’t. She was my tour guide, showing me her bed, down thru the room past sleeping bodies and even into the showers. All the time @candiceede was walking behind me whispering over my shoulder that I would be fine but not to touch anything . On our second visit Lizelle told us she was pregnant and so planned to leave the shelter and return to the Township and her family. Hopefully she makes this move.


When I say it was an honour and privilege to meet and pray for these people I mean it. I have just been reading in Mark of Jesus praying for the sick and casting out unclean spirits. As I prayed for the sex workers both female and male, my heart ached for them and angered at what mankind had done to them. To be able lay hands on their heads, to lead some in prayer for repentance, to hug them close with the love of Jesus, was certainly an honour and a privilege. I am immensely proud of One Future Foundation for the work they are doing and will continue to do even on their darkest days. If you would like to help support the Downs family please visit


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