it’s raining. 

Today we hit the waterfront just like we do every Wednesday, to feed our homeless friends. As all of our Durban friends know, this week has been wet! VERY VERY wet! We have been in desperate need of the rain for a long time and so we aren’t complaining about the down pour at all. I’m probably the only Brit who loves this weather 😂 

But today as we stood in the rain, soaked to the skin, feeding our friends, I realized how desperate they are. 

Living on the streets is hard, but when having to face these kinds of elements too its almost impossible for these people. 

Men, women and children came for food today, each of them dripping wet. Each of them having to try and make a plan for money today, for food, for shelter.

Our carguard friends discouraged because no one comes to the waterfront in this weather, so they will make no money today. No money to take back to feed their wives and children. They feel like failures because they are just trying to care for their families and they can’t even do that. God sees your hearts sweet men, you are not failures. 
Individuals walking up and down the waterfront, selling stickers, homemade bath salts, pens, asking people for help, their pleas falling on deaf ears.  Keep going Marie, Pedro, Crystal, keep your heads high, don’t take their ignorance personally. 
Street girls trying to survive the only way they know how. The only option they feel that they have. Our hearts break as their tiny, soaking wet bodies try to shiver away the cold. They put on a brave face as as client pulls up, terrified that this will be the one who ends her short life. 
As I looked down I see bare feet, wrinkledand white from the rain, blistered and sore from walking miles every day with no shoes. I see their broken Spar packets, filled with their worldly possessions. A couple of wet t-shirts and a sodden blanket. Where will they shelter tonight? Where will they be safe? Will they get any rest?  
 As I run myself a hot bath and get out my cosiest PJs, my mind drifts to my sweet friends and all I can do is pray. 

Can you help us to help them? Can you make a difference in just one persons life? The answer is a resounding “YES”!! 
We are in desperate need of…

Waterproof clothing,


Shoes for men and women, mainly sizes 7,8,9 for the men and 4,5 and 7 for the women. 

We need clothing and hats.

Bags for them to put their items in. 



Pop up tents. 

If you can help please let us know.  

#whatsondurban #makedurbangreatagain #onefuturefoundation #wearedurban #bethechange


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