You Came. 

As she sees me her face lights up. “You came” she squeals in delight. Of course I came. I said that I would. 

And just like that her delight is gone, given way to exhaustion and sadness. Her young teenage body scared and malnourished, so tiny and frail. And cold, so so cold. Goosebumps cover the large amounts of bare flesh. Her clothing skimpy and tattered. Her shoes worn through on the soles and blistering her child-like feet. 

She comes in for a hug, I wrap her in my arms and speak life over her. I speak words of love and truth. I hold her as a mother would, as I let go she immediately sinks into the embrace of Candice and rests her head on Candice’s chest, closes her eyes and whispers “I wish I could stay here”. I turn my back so she can not see my tears, Candice swallows her own tears down so this sweet child can not see our pain. 
Then the moment is over and she has to go back to “work”. And we have to drive away. 
Sweet little one we will always be there. We will always come. We will always love you. 

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