For our darling girls who sleep rough, a Blessing Bag makes such an impact. 

This past week we were donated a couple of great bags packed with toiletries, to which we added new clothes and lovely warm fleece blankets. 

Yolande has been sleeping rough for a couple of months now and we have built such a great relationship with her. She is our sweetheart. We are all head over heels for her. 
As she rummaged through her new bag she pulled out the blanket, wrapped it around her shoulders and stroked her cheek with the warm soft fleece. She then drifted off into her imagination, telling us how she dreams of One Future Foundation having a safe place for her to sleep, how she longs to have pillow fights and sleepovers “you know, like in the movies”. 

One day her dream will be a reality. We pray that it is soon. 
(shared with Yolande’s permission)
#onefuturefoundation#citysisters #homelessnothopeless #knownbytheirlove #donate #charity #durban #wearedurban #iheartdurban


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