Known by their love.

This is something that I am really working on. 

A few weeks ago we noticed a young couple who had started begging at an intersection on the way to the kids school. 

Always being in a rush to miss the crazy rush hour traffic we have never had chance to stop and talk to them. 

So this week Mart and I decided to take time to leave extra early to pick the kids up so that we could stop and spend some time with them. 

At the traffic lights stood René, a young Afrikaans girl in her early 20’s. Beautiful but worn. Tired. Somewhat broken down. We pulled over and quickly introduced myself. I gave her R10 and told her that I would be back. 
I returned the following day with a Blessing Bag full of toiletries. I found out where they were staying and told her a little bit about what we do with City Sisters. I told her I would be back. 

Today I returned with a big bag of clothes and shoes for René. 

Her first words “you came back”! 

This is what I am 100% certain of… If you turn up when you say that you will, you gain their trust. 

Today, yesterday and the day before I turned up. And I will keep turning up. 

We drove away and had to do a u turn and as we drove past, René was sitting on the sidewalk with a look of complete joy and awe as she took each item out of her bag to have a look. 

Mart and I will NEVER forget that look on her beautiful face. Her joy made our day. 

#onefuturefoundation #citysisters #knownbytheirlove #durbancharity #missionarylife #homelessnothopeless


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