Gale force winds, pounding rain, girls huddled in doorways or against air vents on the side of hotel buildings, trying to stay warm and dry.

Men trying to negotiate a lower price, testing the waters to see just how desperate she is.

The privileged sitting inside the warm and elegant hotel bars looking out onto the street, oblivious to the raw and palpable pain of the women just outside the window pane.

The conversation with our precious “F” as she tries to navigate a painful decision regarding her baby’s future. Her pain excruciating and unimaginable. Knowing that the best decision at this point requires the biggest sacrifice of her life.

Wrapping my arms around Noma, soaked to the skin and shivering uncontrollable.

Finding Tatum, new to the “game”, three days in and hating every moment of her new “job”. But not seeing any other option, when there is a 6 year old son and an elderly mother at home.
This was our Thursday night.

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