Merry Christmas one and all!

Merry Christmas! We would like to say thank you to the family and friends who made it possible for my kids to have gifts this year. You guys are such a blessing.

Being in full time ministry is a sacrifice for our whole family. Most of the time Mart and I go without so that our kids can have. Even just on a daily basis. Our kids have never had the things that their friends have had and yet they have never complained, they are such amazing boys. This Christmas we have felt so loved by those of you who have sent gifts and funds for our children. Your generosity has made Christmas possible and we are beyond grateful.

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Merry Christmas 🎄🎁


”Tis the season, part 2…

Last night three of the @hopes_anchor_durban team hit the strip with beautiful Christmas gift bags for all of our girls.

There were squeals of delight when they rummaged through and found yummy chocolate from a friend in Germany 🇩🇪 (yes she specifically went out and bought 50 bars of chocolate for our girls and shipped them to us for the bags!!!)

There was also toiletries, lotion, nail polish, more chocolate and face cloths. So many items that our precious girls can not afford to buy. And then on top of a bag each they also received a brand new pair of flip flops.

Their joy was so beautiful.

And then our joy was put out when girls pealed back their clothing and showed us horrific bruises and welts. A number of them have been preyed upon by certain men who are taking great pleasure in causing as much pain as possible on the sex workers that they pick up. Our darling Yolande strangled and raped on the beach, Thobeka kid napped raped at gun point, beaten and dumped, Lulu kicked, punched and raped and left at the side of the road on a busy highway.

The police throwing them out of the station because they are sexworkers and they “asked” for it. No case opened. No sympathy or compassion. No JUSTICE.

Just kicked out onto the street to try and survive.

There are so many things happening with our girls that I can not share on social media, but please be praying for their protection.

Please pray that Father would speak to their hearts, heighten their intuition, surround them with protective angles.

As Christmas draws closer please pray for their hearts. There were many tears last night and ours flowed with theirs.

As our family prepares for Christmas our thoughts are with the families and individuals in our lives who do not have the opportunity to celebrate.

For those who would like to support our family over the holiday season please donate to our PayPal account. Account name

Christmas is very financially tight for is so we appreciate every gift.

Thank you for helping us to help them.

#hopesanchor #weseeyouweloveyou

‘Tis the season.

Well Christmas is almost here and 2017 is drawing to a close. The children finished school two days ago and are easing into the summer holidays. They are however still waking up at 5am!!!!

All three of them finished the school year with a bang, and their reports and grades have blown us away, we couldn’t be more proud.

We aren’t sure how we will make it through the season in an apartment rather that a spacious farm, but this Mama is trying to get creative and have given them craft supplies today and told them to make something to put on the tree 🌲😂

I’m not at home today so who knows what kind of mess I will come home too!!! Might have shot myself in the foot with this idea 🙈🙄 Tonight we will decorate the tree and put on Christmas music and I am determined to make it feel Christmasy even though it’s boiling hot!

Yesterday ministry stepped up a notch when I sat down with a victim of sex trafficking and started to document her story. Every day Father shows me more and more how He is orchestrating our daily walk in this calling. He proves His love not only for our family but also for the women to whom we are called, on a daily basis. Every little detail He is in control and I spend my days blown away by His love, grace and sovereignty.

We (I😂) am learning daily to trust Him with it all. As we stand we do not know how Christmas will happen this year, but we DO know that He knows, and we can find rest in that knowledge. We would love to be in the U.K. with our family, but this year that is not an option, and so we will make the most of what and who we have here.

We so appreciate all your ongoing love, support and prayers for our family and the ministry. Through you guys, God has kept us here and paid our bills for a whole year now, we are blown away by this. Thank you for it all.

We pray that your Christmas will be a time of fun, blessing and peace .

For those who would like to support us over this Christmas period you can do so at PayPal. Our account is

Thank you for your love.

Love from the Downs family.