What a week it has been, its safe to say that Candice and I are exhausted today!
Thanks to the generous support of our dear friends and donors we were able to hit the strip two nights this week! What a blessing! And both nights we were able to provide our dear ladies with a hot meal.

Candice and I took a couple of drives through the CBD area and were once again reminded just how much of a crisis we are facing. 100’s of girls and ladies forced to sell their bodies for survival. Having sex with disgusting men just so that they can put a roof over their heads.
Our hearts were once again broken for these precious women.

Last night we started the first of many short films based on the work that we do and the lives of the ladies that we care for. As we sat in the vehicle, we candidly talked and we could feel the desperation. Rain pounding and wind howling they climb out of the car and back to work.

“This is not a life, it is an existence.” Jess, age 21.


The not so uneventful February.

February was an uneventful month, until yesterday. Yesterday EVERYTHING changed! Yesterday Candice and I witnessed a full blown miracle, like legitimate God working, Jesus experience.

For a year @hopes_anchor_durban has had our heart set on this property for our drop in center. We fell in love with it from just looking through the fence and the chained up gates. We have never been able to get inside to look around, but something in our hearts says “home”. It belongs to the municipality and has been sat empty for 6 years now.

We are writing a proposal for the property and wanted to get some photos so Cands and I drove down yesterday and walked around the outside trying to find a way in. No luck. Padlocks and chains held the three entrances secure and we were about to give up hope. Candice out of frustration took hold of the main gate chain and shook it and it wouldn’t budge, and like she REALLY shook it. The chain wrapped around both gates and the padlocks were rusted shut. It wouldn’t budge.

Frustrated I walked away and she walked in the opposite direction. Then something in me made me turn around and walk the 5 steeps back to the gate. I joked by pretending to ring the broken door bell and as I did the gate swung open a foot or so!!!!! The chain no longer wrapped around both gates securing them shut, now it was only around one gate and the padlocks were still there, closed, rusted shut!!! I shouted at Candice and we just stood there 100% gobsmacked! Astounded. The gate swung open and we were instantly head to toe in Holy Spirit goosebumps.

I took it as an invitation to have a quick look around. We took so many photos and behind every door we saw more confirmation that this is Hope’s Anchor’s future home.

Please join us in prayer for this property, as we send in our proposal please pray that it lands in the right hands. And that it all happens swiftly so that we can start getting these women and their babies off the streets and on the way to healing. We have MASSIVE plans in place and we know that the funding will flow. And in the mean time we trust Him.

Thank you for your love and prayers xx

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