The hard stuff.

The past couple of weeks have been very hard. Our hearts have been shattered by the pain of our girls. There is a devastation that we will never truly be able to understand. We have approximately 15 ladies who are sleeping rough every night and they are all in really bad shape.

Last week Zinhle came to us in awful pain. Her body is fighting AIDS, TB, severe scabies, and goodness knows what else. Her feet were maggot ridden and rotting. She could barely walk and the hospital had given her antibiotics and paracetamol. As if that’s going to help at this point!!

This week we had been given a few bandages and antiseptic cream, so I tried to clean Zandile’s feet as best I could, bandaged them up and put on clean new socks. She was going to go back to the hospital on Friday to try and get more help. We really hope that she did.

Then there was Tanya she had blown out 12 veins in her hands and arms and blown 3 in her groin. I sat with her and cleaned each one and dressed them. As I did so her tears streamed down her face. Her face and her words made me ache. “why am I such a failure?” Tanya has been working the streets for years. She goes through phases of being OK, getting healthy and then comes crashing down and every time she crashes its worse than the time before. It’s so painful to watch.
I cleaned her up and told her that she is loved, that she is precious and that she is seen. She knows that she needs help, but she isn’t ready. And that is more painful than anything else.

Some days it feels that we aren’t doing enough, but for Z and T what little we did for them on Thursday night was more than they had been given so far.

Turned away from the government hospital because of their addictions, because of their job, because of their status, they came to us desperate for help, desperate for love. We gave what we had, and although it doesn’t feel like enough to me, it really made a difference to them.

And amongst the devastation we get amazing news. Our new NGO papers are finally in our hands!!! This is a game changer. Now we can start putting in our proposals for a vehicle and for our property. Things are about to explode and we are beyond excited.

If you would like to help us in the work that we are doing here please pop over to our PayPal account

Or visit

if you are a uk tax payer we can claim back the tax on your gifts

We appreciate every bit of support.

With love from the Downs Family. Xx


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