From Martin

PHOTO-2018-09-04-11-08-52 (1)                                     Some of the young men Martin has been helping

So this homeless guy stands begging on the corner down the road from me.

I have been helping him out for 18 months with a bit of money for shelter and food etc.
I had an idea, a risky one many would think.
Basically there is no way he will ever get a job.
He lives and sleeps in the same filthy outfit, day in day out.
When I once gave him a new toothbrush and toothpaste he said he hadn’t brushed his teeth in over a year.
He cant walk into a prospective employer looking and smelling like that.
I thought if we could clean him up- he may have a standing chance?
Many of the homeless people I have given clothes to sell them immediately for this reason or that.
So, I took a risk and last week i pulled over and handed him a bag.
In it were my new trainers, my favorite Nike jacket, a new pair of Levis jeans and a new NYC baseball cap.
Along with that was shampoo, soap, body lotion and deodorant. And a towel.
All I said was, ‘ clean up, dress up and go find a job’
24 hour later he ran up to my car as I waited at a red light.
He RAN up to me.
With tears in his eyes he said on his very first stop, at a local supermarket store, he cold called the manager, in person.
The manager said to him that he had ‘style’ and looked to ‘have money and respectability’
After a two minute verbal interview, Sthe (23) was offered a job working at the supermarket, starting next week.
He was crying because at age 23 it is his first job ever. He lost his parents when he was 12 and has been on the street for 11 years.
He told me it has changed his life and that ‘giyahamba phezule manje’ (I am going up now!)
I wont miss my jacket or jeans.
I wear out a pair of shoes in a month.
The look on his face will last a lifetime
Best Blessings


One of the girls that we are very close with is battling so much. Yesterday Cands and I went to the brothel to spend some time with her. We took all the brothel girls handbags filled with toiletries and as they were all still in meth comas we sat and spent some time with Mik. Cands asked her when she was going to be done with this life, she said shes just not ready to face things.

These girls of ours use drugs in order to survive what is happening in their minds and hearts. When they come off the drugs they have to then face the trauma, the PTSD, the profound pain that was previously masked by their drug of choice. Mik told us yesterday that she doesn’t see herself as an addict, she isnt greedy with her drugs, she doesnt binge, she doesnt use a lot, she just uses the minimum she needs to be able to keep the trauma at bay. My heart aches because what she had just described to me was the definition of addiction.

Denial is a coping mechanism. The majority of girls deny just how much they use and how dependent they are. They deny how sick they are. They deny the trauma. They deny the pain. Because if they admit it all they might just fall apart.
The beautiful thing is that now that they have us they are learning that they can be open and honest with the truth. And they know that we will NEVER give up on them. That nothing they ever tell us will cause us to turn away from them. We have proven over and over that the love that we carry, the love that we offer is the all consuming, unconditional love of a Father who is passionate about the lives of His daughters.
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