The journey home.


This past week has been amazing. In one week we managed to help 2 of our ladies get home and be restored to their families. One of our team members spoke with both families and she heard first hand from the mothers of our ladies just how thankful they are to our team member and to Hope’s Anchor for helping their daughters. Both ladies are very sick and now that they are home with their Mamas they are able to start healing.

Next Praise report… Zandile managed to get enough strength together to make it to the hospital for her chest x-ray. This in itself is a miracle. This brave woman is fighting every day. It has been touch and go and yet Zan is still alive and fighting. We await the x-ray results.

Thirdly… This week 2 of our ladies started new jobs. For both of them this is the first job that they have had other than the sex trade. This is MASSIVE! Pinky was rehabilitated and restored to her family last year and we are beyond proud of her. What a fighter she is. She has stayed clean and focused and has made amazing progress in the healing of her life and her relationships with her family.
Zama started her new job at our team member’s bakery this past Wednesday. Although she is still battling addiction she is proving that she is serious about rehabilitation and moving forward with her life. The ultimate goal is to be clean, working and restored to her grandparents. It is happening before our eyes and we are so so proud of her.

Our whole team is in awe of these amazing women. What an incredible honor to be able to know and love these women. Every week we are blown away by the love of the Father. We have an anticipation for this coming week. Something AMAZING is going on.


Here are a few ways that you can support our family in this work that we are doing…

  • PayPal account
  • send me a PM and I will give you our banking details
  • if you are a UK tax payer and would like to set up a monthly payment then please email my mum at and she will send you a form for our Stewardship account

Thank you to all our supporters without your prayers and financial support we couldn’t do this vital work.

Women are being saved, their lives changed and their identities realized because of your support. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

We love and appreciate you all very much.


Mart, Vash and the boys. xxx