Zandile, an update.

Just a little update on Zandile… let’s just say miracles do happen!!! Addington hospital wanted to amputate her leg… Hillcrest AIDS Center have loved and nurtured and medicated her correctly and just look at the difference!!!! She has also gained a healthy amount of weight and is super cheerful and positive. We are blown away.

Oh Christmas tree…

I spend a couple of hours a day talking with a couple of my girls. I love all of our ladies but these 2 have my heart and I consider them as my friends.

There is a profound potential in each of them, and I am committed to walking with them.
Last night Mik was super excited about setting up her Christmas tree in her room at the brothel. And was even more excited when I told her that I have some pretty clothes and shoes for her. Her love language is gifts and quality time, the same as me! So tonight when I go to be brothel both Mik and I will get our love tanks filled. .
Relationship is CRUCIAL to the work that we do. With relationship comes trust and respect. With relationship comes the authority to speak into someone’s life. And with relationship comes the ability to truly hear the words spoken, knowing that they come from a place of love. .
I can not wait to see our precious girls tonight. .

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There is a level of sadness that no words can describe. It’s deep, profound, tangible and traumatic. Sometimes we just need to hold them. Absorb some of the pain, and try to replace it with love. It’s hard, painful and continuous. We will not give up. .

#unconditionallove #extravagantgrace #hopeforthesoul #durbansextrade #weseeyouweloveyou


Laying on her bed in the brothel while she tells us about the client who hurt her body. It makes me so angry.

I understand why she does this job, I get it, I hate it, but I get it.

And when she tries to be open and vulnerable with us I can see the battle raging. Keep it in and ignore the trauma or talk about it all and have to face the pain of healing.

It’s been a long painful journey this far, but she is so very worth it. As she smokes her mandrex and tries to prepare for her next client I watch her and silently pray, she won’t let me pray for her, even though she knows that I already do. I prayed for her once and the dam broke, since then she has reinforced that dam.

One day Love will blow it wide open and healing and freedom will come. Until then we will keep showing up, listening and loving her unconditionally. .

#unconditionallove #extravagantgrace #hopeforthesoul #durbansextrade #weseeyouweloveyou