This is Zama. Before Christmas she was picked up by a client who then drove her to some sugar cane fields. Another car of men met them there and the horror of that night began. Gang raped, humiliated, and videoed the whole time. For hours. They made her sick. Gave her HIV. Signed her death sentence. Her drug addiction hit an all time high when I found her a couple of months ago with a needle stuck in her foot, heroin still waiting to be injected into her vein. She was almost unconscious close to over dosing. A gang of addicts surround her and a police officer and paramedic talking to them all about the situation they all found themselves in. I didn’t stop as they seemed to have the situation under control and I had my kids in the car. Then zama disappeared. Its been 2 months and I’ve been so worried. Today I saw a few of the other people who she used to beg with, I pulled over to ask them if they had seen her.
Zama passed away on the streets, alone around 6 weeks ago. Her body and soul so broken that she couldn’t fight any longer.
Zama I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more. I’m sorry that they hurt you so bad. I’m sorry that you were in so much pain. I love you my friend. Enjoy heaven, I know you are there.
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We have found our home. Our “church” home. As an empath it is incredibly difficult to find a church that works for me. Most places of worship leave me feeling drained and emotionally depleted. Non empaths do not understand how this works. Being around large groups of people can be hard to contend with when you have empath tenancies. The energy of other people impacts us in both positive and negative ways and being in situations where there are tight crowds or people sitting close together can impact me in a negative way. I’ve searched for a church home for so long, feeling like a flake along the way. Settling in longing for a church family to be my church family, only to realise after a while that it is not the right fit. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with the church, but rather my needs are different and I have to take them into consideration, along with the needs of my 3 children, one of whom is also an empath. It’s been so hard not understanding why I just don’t fit. And then I was drawn to Frontier Church which is lead by my sister friend @paulalstrydom and her husband Mike.
The first service that the boys and I attended we knew we were home. Peace and calm and nourishment. Friendship, community, family. Everything that we had been searching for. Divine Love so evident and very present. I am excited. The journey is different and so so so good.

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