Love never fails.

Oh my precious precious ones. These 4 are my secret favourites. 😉 I’m not supposed to have favorites… but here we are… my 4 favourites. 🤣❤️ 3 of them hadn’t seen me for 4 months and we were so excited. K burst into tears and J wouldn’t let me go. I was scolded for being away for so long and then forgiven because our mutual love for each other is very real. They are reason why Divine Love has placed me here for such a time as this. K has literally climbed the fence of rehab twice and yet I will NEVER give up on her. J has told me time and time again that she will never leave the trade and yet I will NEVER give up on her. Love never gives up. I’ve had so many people give up on me throughout my life, so many times I have ran away, “jumped the fence”, so many times I have refused to believe in better for myself, and yet… Love has never given up on me. NEVER. Our “slogan” is Unconditional Love, Extravagant Grace and Hope for the soul. This is what we live by as a ministry. This is what we offer our ladies and each other. It’s a challenging commitment, especially when we are let down by behaviour and habits. But this is our calling and we have committed to walking in it.

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A place of Hope.

I spent the day with the sweet potatoes. Digging and preparing vines for replanting. I’ve not shared too much with everyone about the direction that we are currently shifting into, so here we go…
As a ministry we have known for a long time that our precious ladies will not be able to heal while still living in the environment where they were so profoundly broken. We have known that they need to be somewhere safe, nurturing, healing and Empowering. Somewhere far from the abuse, drugs, sex industry. We have been praying for an answer. And now we believe that we have one in sight.
In fact we might have 2 options and we are incredibly excited. There is an anticipation that is brewing and although we can’t share everything at this point, I can share my part in all of this.
Essential oils are something I am super passionate about, and I have experienced first hand how healing they can be, not just in a physical level but also emotionally. I always turn to oils before pharmaceutical treatment and I always find that they are an incredible benefit to myself and my family. So naturally when Andrew and Rae shared the idea of starting to grow lavender and rose geranium to turn into oils I jumped at the idea. When up and running it is going to be a perfect opportunity to present to our ladies who are walking into healing. It will give them a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, they will not need a formal education in order to learn to grow and make oils and oil based products. They will be in a safe and nurturing environment where they can continue to heal and find their true identity. An environment where they can get their hands dirty and their hearts full of love and joy. A place of peace. A home where Divine Love rules and reigns. A place of HOPE. Please join us in praying for this venture. For direction and funding.

Step out.

So today I did a thing… I took a step of faith and ordered 50 lavender plants for our essential oils field. We started to prepare the ground a couple of weeks ago and we have mulch to lay, we just needed the plants, but we don’t have the funds. 😂🤦🏻 Today I was contacted by a friend who is ordering lavender plants for her garden nursery and wanted to know if I wanted to get in on her order. So I did. 😂😂😂 So yeah. I need funds. I feel like I’ve been playing it easy recently when it comes to faith, just doing what I felt was right, but no big audacious moves. Until now. I need R1000 cash, by tomorrow. That’s £57, or $70. I k ow that the essential oils field and eventually the essential oils company is a heaven plan, one that will be used to bring healing to our ladies after they have walked through detox. So I’m full trusting the calling, the vision and the Father for its provision.

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Today I stood in front of my church family and committed myself and the boys to serving and becoming a part of the family. This was a big move for me as I have battled to find home for years. Its a big commitment. My empath gift causes me to withdraw and isolate often and to stand in front of my friends and let them know that I am all in was not a natural action for me. As Mike and Paula prayed over myself and the boys a complete peace and sense of coming home washed over me and I knew that for the first time in so very long that my heart is safe here. Here I can truly rest. Here I can truly be myself. Here I can truly heal. We are so blessed.

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