Daycare delight.

Today I spent the day in down town Durban with one of my best friends, Brad. Last week Brad went into a 2nd hand store in the area where I have been ministering to sex workers and the homeless for the past 8 years.
Upon entering the store he discovered a little daycare that was run by a lady who is a refugee from the DRC.
She was struggling to care for the 20 children in her care so Brad came back to me and asked how we can help her.

Today I went with Brad to meet Julienne and to see the daycare for myself. I knew instantly that I needed to help. After chatting with Julienne ( while Brad was mauled by toddlers) I realized that this woman is amazing. She started the daycare so that women could leave their little ones in a safe environment while they went to work at a job that they enjoy rather than having to do sex work at nighttime.
For a minimal fee Julienne loves and teaches these little ones. She puts them first often reaching into her own pocket to feed them.


So while I am still here in SA I have committed to helping Good Care Daycare any way that I can.
I believe in what Julienne is doing. I see her heart. And I know that I can help.

If you would like to help too please let me know. I would love to get some new chairs and teaching tools for her to teach these children.
I would love to help provide porridge and fruit for the kids as often as possible
If you can help please let me know.
Please be praying for Julienne and for provision for her vision.